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Woza Moya Christmas letter 2022

Wishing all our customers, friends, supporters and Woza family a most blessed festive season!

2022 has been another roller-coaster year for everyone, with much to celebrate with a dash of heart sore.

There is so much to be thank-full for, Woza Moya was decimated over Covid, the Riots, and the Floods all took their toll, but with the wonderful support we have received from our Upper Highway community, the opening of other countries and finally being able to export again this year, we have managed to get our heads above water.  We count our blessings; one of them is the wonderful creativity that abounds at Woza Moya, the crafters are another blessing, and the last but not the least are the customers and friends that pop in. We have a wonderful group of 22 volunteers who help out in the various departments of Woza Moya, and we couldn’t do what we do without you.  Working in such a dynamic and vibrant place is an honour.

We continue to learn lessons from one another – in the most difficult time just after the floods, I remember one staff member who had lost almost everything was given a food parcel by a customer and she proceeded to share it with crafters and other staff members. When I asked how she could share it out when she had so little, she said everyone is struggling and I have taken what I need for today and shared the rest. This moment rests in my heart and even now when I think upon it, it brings me to tears. These dark days have taught us a lot, a lot of bad things happened, but these traits shone through at Woza Moya and HACT: Love, Resilience, Kindness, Ubuntu, Strength, and Family.

It been a year of opposites and contradictions, of laughing and crying, of breaking down and building up, of mourning and dancing. We have emerged different and ready to grow. We thank- you for your part in building us up again and it is only through; your love, your shopping and support that we have got through these times. Thank- you.

With thanks to The Woza Moya team that give of their best each and every day!

Wishing you and your family a Blessed Christmas and a happy New year!  

Yours Sincerely

Paula Thomson and the Woza Moya Team

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