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Story Bowls by Hilda

Hilda who is 79 years old makes these baskets, we love it when she makes her way to us. She visits Woza Moya every couple of months once she has finished 3 or 4 bowls and we buy everything she has made. Each bowl is unique and all the patterns and stories flow from her heart.

These bowls are very specialized and not many crafters are making them any more as they are very difficult and time consuming to make. The heavy gauge wire that makes up the baskets is very tough on hands. Hilda is incredibly strong and when she left yesterday her words were “Woza keeps her going, as she loves seeing how excited we get when we see her baskets.”

We have commissioned her to make a 1m bowl for our artists wall, which will take a month to make

We don’t list these bowls on our online shop as each one if unique and Hilda does not make to order. If you are interested in purchasing one please contact us and we will let you know what we have available.

Something a bit different from Hilda’s work, but still very popular, are our range of telephone wire bowls. These are made by a large number of crafters and are very bright and attractive with their swirls of colour.

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