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Fancy Stitch – Exquisite Embroidery from Rural KwaZulu-Natal

Exquisite embroidery from rural KwaZulu-Natal

Over 6 hours by car from Woza Moya in the rural mountainous village of Ingwavuma KZN, which borders Swaziland, is Fancy Stitch – a self-help skills development and income-generating initiative amongst women who use their sewing and embroidery skills to generate an income.

Ingwavuma is known for its high poverty rates and lack of infrastructure and these women strive to make a make a difference and put food on the table for their families.

Woza Moya has worked with Fancy Stitch for over 19 years selling their work in our shops. Their beautiful embroidered bookmarks, cards and magnets have been popular with overseas visitors and locals alike. We have commissioned one-of-a-kind wall-hangings which were made to perfection and have been very well received.

Fancy Stitch struggles to survive in our post COVID economy. In its heyday Fancy Stitch had over 60 embroidery artists, but the project is no longer able to support this many crafters and numbers of dwindled significantly.

Fancy Stitch and over similar organisations are so important to our rural areas. They create hubs of excellence and help to generate an income for very poor communities.

Please support this organisation and the incredible crafters by buying a card or bookmark this month or placing an order for your shop.

If you have a big order please contact Fancy Stitch directly.
Nancy : services@fancy.org.za we all need to support this organisation!

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