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Sibusiso Duma – Artist of the Month April 2023

“Ubunyebomndeni” meaning “Family in Unity”

Cushion cover printed with Sibusiso Duma's design.

“Ubunyebomndeni” – Sibusiso Duma

Sibusiso Duma is the Woza Moya artist of the month for April 2023. His painting titled “Ubunyebomndeni” meaning “Family in Unity” will be featured on our artist’s wall for the month.

Duma is a well-known South African artist. His work is represented in galleries and collections both locally and overseas.

Duma has been exhibiting his work at Woza Moya for a number of years and we have produced a video introducing him to you. This can be viewed on his artist profile page.

About the painting

The painting depicts a family of 4 (father, mother, child and baby) riding on the back of a large black and white bull. The family is dressed up and traveling to an unknown destination. There are mountains and Zulu huts in the background.

The father supports and protects his family

The father supports and protects his family, and in turn, the person who is being protected and supported protects and supports the next family member.

Cows represent wealth

In Zulu culture cows represent wealth and the artist is alluding to the fact that the man’s wealth is his family.

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