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Giffy – Talented Street Artist

Giffy Duminy Street Art

Giffy Duminy is the Woza Moya artist of the month for November 2023.

This month we have a slightly different artist wall display. Giffy has painted a permanent mural on our Coffee shop “Ubuntu Ground Cafe” container of a sunbird and an orange honeysuckle. With the revamp of the coffee shop, this has been a most welcome addition, along with a revamped menu, a talented new chef and some upcycled furniture.

After finishing matric, Giffy completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree because he didn’t know if art would be a viable career option but soon realised what he didn’t want to do an office job.  Giffy work is much sought after and he has been commissioned to do many flora and fauna murals, mainly in the upper Highway and Durban areas.

Giffy uses the street as his gallery and brings a natural aesthetic to harsh, developed spaces.

In Giffys own words; “The aesthetics found in our very own gardens and natural habitats really sparks something in me. If we look at our gorgeous indigenous flowers and how so often they are the most pure and clean colours -to attract precious pollinators such as, birds, bugs and bees in particular. The geometry found in flowers must also be a very strong aesthetic attraction for animals to spread the plants’ pollen or seeds. Their beauty allows their continuation…”

We would like to thank the 100% Foundation whose generous monthly donation allows us to continue with our Monthly Artist wall.

Woza Moya strives to give talented South African artists a platform to showcase their work. Our Artist’s Card Initiative allows these artists to earn an ongoing passive income from their work.

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