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Artist Profile – Joseph Manana

Artist Profile - Joseph Manana

South African Artist

Joseph Manana was born in Escourt, KwaZulu-Natal in 1963. He has been working as an artist since the mid 1980s and is largely self-taught. A few years ago he received an award from the Tito Zungu Trust Fund, which provides subsidies to South Africans wishing to study art. Manana enrolled at the Durban Institute of Technology for a diploma in Fine Arts, which he completed in 2003.

His work is based on the reality of the world around him.

Manana reflects the world around him especially gender issues. “As a South African and a father I try to show people how to take good care of the women and children in our society. It hurts me to see or hear of men abusing women or children. I use my skills as an artist to share this view, imparting it and spreading Unity to the people. I was raised by a single parent. After my father’s death my mother raised my siblings and I, and we ate out of one bowl, this taught me to share and the value of family and the importance of caring for others.”

Joseph likes to depict happiness, caring for people who love each other and life. “I hope to inspire the younger generations through my art, I aspire to narrow the gap between different cultures and to constantly learn more of other cultures. I want people to respect other cultures and to practice tolerance. This is what we need in our lives as fellow human beings.”

There is a large collection of his work at the Tatham Art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg.