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Artist Card: Lobolile Ximba


This artist card features the work of Lobolile Ximba and enables her to earn a passive income. Woza Moya pays for the printing of the cards and pays the artist 50% of the profit each time a card is sold.

Bulk Order Discount (10 or more of the same item) 10%

About the Artist:

Lobolile Ximba dolls are usually standing figures attached to a wooden base. The dolls are dressed in traditional attire that represents the different roles of women in the Msinga community.

Lobolile’s work has been collected by museums around the world and she is still making dolls in her community. COVID has unfortunately taken a heavy toll on her business.

Thank you to our Sponsors:

Woza Moya would like to thank the 100% Foundation for coming on board for a 12-month sponsorship of our Artist’s Wall and making this monthly event possible. This includes the printing of cards for each artist to help them earn an ongoing passive income.