Gift Boxes: Super Duper Ultra Deluxe Box


Set up for more entrepreneurial individuals, and will provide 15 families (more than 100 people) with food essentials for a month. This monster box, filled with a huge variety of 132 Christmas decorations and goodies, is ideal for a “Host your own Christmas Lifesaver Market” or “Christmas Tea”. Or use it as a community, school or church fundraiser. This box benefits over 132 crafters.

Box contents :
4 Beaded father Christmas,
4 beaded wire and beads Father Christmas,
4 Stevens beaded stars,
4 Blose family hanging star tassels ,
4 beaded Christmas balls extra-large,
4 medium balls,
5 small beaded balls,
8 large Christmas stars,
10 medium beaded  stars,
4 round snowmen packs, 3 snowmen per pack hanging decorations,
4 tall beaded snowmen packs of 3 in each pack , make ideal gifts or to put on presents or table decorations,
1 peace dove,
3 x 3-dimensional Christmas puddings,
4, 2 dimensional puddings,
3 Jaqueline’s pixies hanging decorations,
1 safety pin angel,
9 wire angels ,
4 packs of small Christmas tree brooches, great as Christmas cracker fillers or table gifts or serviette decorations,
7 angels in circles-hanging decorations,
3 hope/love /faith/joy/peace angels medium size,
2 wire robins large ,
1 Ananias medium wire and bead Christmas robin,
1 small wire and bead robin,
1 tiny wirework reindeer,
1 small wirework reindeer,
3 medium standing wirework reindeer,
2 large reindeer,
3 flat wirework hanging reindeer,
3 Father Christmas,
3 snowmen brooches party people,
3 little candy cone Christmas elves,
3 reindeer party people,
3 gold and silver party people glitter gals,
4 Christmas travellers,
2 pairs of father Christmas earrings,
2 father Christmas tassel earring,
1 wirework African Christmas tree, Acacia ,
3 pack of Wiles Christmas cards,
1 Drakensberg Boys choir Christmas CD.

Handmade, Christmas decorations, Zulu beadwork, Kwa Zulu Natal.

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