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Artist Profile - Sibusiso Duma

Durban-based South African Artist

Sibusiso Duma is a Durban-based South African artist. He was born in Mbumbulu, Durban, and started drawing with crayons and coloured pencils at a very young age.

His school teachers noticed and nourished his talent by asking him to draw the maps and charts that they needed for their classrooms.

His work also came to the attention of the late Trevor Makhoba through his Philange Art Project based in Umlazi. Makhoba was well-known for his socially critical and controversial painting and Duma painted under his mentorship from 1994 to 2003. 


Duma has built his own style of art and expresses himself in a unique visual language. He has a great passion for the rural landscape and tradition which is almost always seen in his artwork. He tackles very challenging subject matter, often highlighting the contradictions between rural and urban lifestyles and important, unresolved social issues.

Duma’s paintings use humour and satire to convey his message. He uses familiar iconography such as the human figure in a rural landscape.

Duma paints in acrylics on canvas and uses stark, bright colours and hard shadows. His recent work is characterised by the use of dot painting and a predominant use of yellow.

His work has been collected by multiple galleries and museums both locally and internationally.