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Woza Moya Artist’s Wall

Woza Moya Artist’s Wall

Our Artist’s Wall has been up and running since June 2021 and has been a very successful and well supported initiative.

Our Sponsors – The 100% Foundation

This event is made possible by the generous monthly sponsorship from the 100% Foundation and allows us to support and promote a new artist every month.

The 100% Foundation is an NGO with the vision to see children who are born into poverty become educated and successful contributors to society. They provide funding to build infrastructure, promote education and support sustainable food security projects.

Art is so Important

Art is often seen as a thing of beauty that we use to decorate our homes and as a source of income for the artist.

Art can have a much deeper purpose. It is a way for artists to express their creativity and to comment on political and social-economic conditions. It is a way to keep traditions alive and to preserve and document cultural history.

Artist’s Wall

We started the Artist’s Wall mid-2021 to create awareness and to showcase the work of South African artists who have been hard hit by covid and the resulting absence of overseas visitors.

Each month we commission a different local artist to paint or create an artwork which is then displayed on the wall outside our Woza Moya shop in Hillcrest, Durban. The artist is paid for their work.

Marketing and Promotion

We feature the artist and promote their work regularly on our social media platforms for the whole month that their work is on display. Where possible we display and sell other work by the same artist in our shops and online.

Buy it on Auction!

We run an auction for the sponsored piece on our website which is great fun! Sometimes a lucky customer gets a great piece of art at a bargain price, other times there is a bidding war for a particularly popular piece. The artist benefits from the auction too by earning a percentage of the proceeds once their artwork sells.

Artist Cards

An extension of the idea has been to reproduce the artwork onto a greeting card. The sale of the greeting cards provides a way for the artist to earn an ongoing passive income from their work. We cover the cost of printing the cards and manage the stock. The artist earns a percentage of the profit on the sale of each of his/her card.

Our Sponsors

May 2024

South African Artist Nosipho Duma has painted this painting to create awareness of teenage pregnancy in South Africa.

Featured Artists

May 24: Nosipho Duma
Apr 24: Malibongwe Shangase
Mar 24: Busisiwe Mayise
Feb 24: Sbusiso Mthembu
Jan 24: Lazarus
Dec 23: Beaders – decorations
Nov 23: Giffy
Oct 23: Daniel Jones
Set 23: Jose Masango
Aug 23: Bornface Tavimba
Jul 23: Ceasar Mkhize
June 23: Hilda Mgaga
May 23: Zata Deswage
Apr 23: Sibusiso Duma
Mar 23: Fancy Stitch
Feb 23: Lobolile Ximba
Jan 23: Nicky Chovuchovu
Dec 22: Donald Songore
Nov 22: Woza Moya Upcycling Dept
Oct 22: Scelo Mhlongo
Sep 22: Nhlakanipho Peace Ndimande
Aug 22: Andile Maphumulo
Jul 22: Bongani Luthuli
Jun 22: Major Ndlovu
May 22: Thabani Mkhize
Apr 22: Mxolisi Ngwane
Mar 22: Ande Magoso
Febr 22: Jose Masango
Jan 22: Nosipho Duma
Dec 21: Nicky Chovuchovu
Nov 21: Joseph Manana
Oct 21: Everaldo Mantonse
Sep 21: Muziwakhe Mhlongo
Aug 21: Nomsa Ngidi
Jul 21: Sibusiso Maphumulo
Jun 21: Sibusiso Duma