Crafts that empower, uplift and inspire.

About us

Woza Moya is a social enterprise that was established in 2002 whose primary objective is the reduction of poverty through craft.

Our flagship shop is at the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust, 26 Old Main Rd, Hillcrest, KZN.

We have smaller retail outlets at:
Fields Centre, Kloof, KZN
Windermere Centre, Durban

Our shops are a wonderful destination for tourists and overseas visitors looking for unique South African gifts. We welcome orders for corporate and promotional gifts and can give your branding a South African flavour.

Woza Moya is the economic empowerment project of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust which is a holistic HIV/AIDS project which was started in 1991. Since its inception, the Centre has attempted to uplift the lives of those both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS through practical and sustainable care. 

As new challenges and opportunities have presented themselves, the Centre has adapted its approach to addressing both the disease and the effects of it on the community.

One of the projects is Woza Moya (est. 2002) which assists those in desperate need to acquire a craft skill and earn an income through the sale of their craft. This puts income back into vulnerable communities at the heart of the pandemic.

Woza Moya buys in products from the crafters at a fair price and markets and sells these products to a wide market both locally and internationally. 

We pride ourselves on innovation.

(above) Princess Charlene, wearing a Terence Bray creation, fully beaded by Woza Moya. The dress weighed 8kgs!

At Woza Moya, to stay viable we have had to come up with new designs, these designs are what make our beadwork a major exportable commodity. We have tried very hard to develop our own style a style we call “Woza Style” this style has been developed by the crafters themselves, key craftsmen and women have been identified and their work has been the inspiration behind the Woza style. Woza Moya crafters work is now a collectable item and major galleries have been buying the work of Woza Moya crafters.

We felt it was very important to establish our own style so that we did not take work away from the traditional crafters as most of our crafters come to the centre not being able to do beadwork and are trained up at the centre.   We have used traditional beadwork in new and revolutionary ways, examples of this is the 4m Map of Africa commissioned for the Moses Mabhida stadium, the Dreams for Africa chair and the Green Suit and the Beaded Curtain (this has just been bought by Wits Art Museum) .


The "Dreams For Africa" Chair resting on the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town during its World Tour in 2010.

In 2010 our Dreams for Africa Chair, was voted the most beautiful object in South Africa.The chair received the accolade at the Design Indaba 2011 in Cape Town

KZN Exporter of the year finalist 2016 and Winner 2017

Impumelelo Social Innovation Silver Medal Winner 2017

Women in Business Social Entrepreneur Winner 2017

Innibos National Craft Awards Beadwork (traditional or innovative) Category Winner 2021 

It takes a village .

A traditional Zulu Blessing at the opening of our new Woza Moya Store in 2017 (ish).

Our sole focus has been to assist men and women who are infected or affected by HIV /AIDS to earn a sustainable income. Since our establishment in 2002 we have trained over 350 crafters and provide support to these crafters most of whom are first time income earners and have 5-10 dependants

Crafting needs to be become self-sustaining and operate as a business activity. At Woza Moya we have realised that training is not enough as there are many things that the crafters cannot do and need professional help and organised support, therefore at Woza Moya our activities are:

  • We provide ongoing training in craft skills such as beading, wirework, pottery, sewing, quilting, fabric painting, recycling, and ceramics.
  • We provide ongoing business mentorship and support to our crafters.
  • We assist each crafter with developing a product based on their chosen craft, and the level of their individual competency.
  • We assist the crafter with price determination through cost price analysis
  • We create market linkage for crafters and unlock revenue potential across the value chain
  • We provide ongoing support to all crafters such as sales and marketing of products, packaging, logistics and market research
  • We actively source a wide range of customers from the domestic and export house across economic pyramids on behalf of the crafter.
  • We purchase the crafts from crafter are then sell them at our Woza Moya shops and on our ecommerce store.
  • We are responsible for quality control and packaging of products.